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Le Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie est ouvert tous les jours de 14h30 à 18h30 sauf le Mardi.
Visites guidées et démonstration à 15h et 16h15.

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How can you support the museum ?

The mother of pearl museum needs your support to carry out many of its plans such as exhibitions, purchases, restorations, museographic fittings…
You can contribute to the museum’s development and its collections’ improvement  thanks to donations and legacies either with art masterpieces or money but also with simple donations or donations with an usufruct reserve, and finally thanks to the dation way.
Whatever the nature of the gift, the donator enjoys very substantial fiscal advantages (deductibility of 60%, tax exemption for transfer rights).
Becoming a patron of the Mother of Pearl Museum involves taking part to the radiance and the development of a museum in unceasing transformations:
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Download icon Loi du 1er aout 2003 sur le mécénat culturel (291.32 KB)
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