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Le Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie est ouvert tous les jours de 14h30 à 18h30 sauf le Mardi.
Visites guidées et démonstration à 15h et 16h15.

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A museum is essentially defined by the presence of a collection. That of the Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie was formed thanks to the mobilization of different players. The button workshop’s machines, equipment and raw materials make a coherent whole intended to be used and put into operation.

At its side, the collections bringing together all the objects produced by the tablet-makers allow a great thematic, typological, chronological and geographical diversity.

Fashion is represented by the various costume accessories such as fans, buttons or adornments. The decorative arts are present through tableware, necessaires or religious objects and natural history through sets of shells.

The permanent enrichment of the museum, through new acquisitions, coming from donations but also from museum deposits or purchases, is a necessity. Certain fragile objects such as fans must be presented in rotation in order to avoid any damage. This preventive conservation mission, which the museum fulfills, aims to pass on a preserved heritage to future generations. 
Discover our collections online on the database of the Ministry of Culture

Discover our latest acquisitions of objects :
-          Acquisition of fans on November 19 icon Eventails nouvelles acquisitions
-          Acquisition of a set of buttons from Henri HAMM on February 8, 2019 icon Communiqué de presse Henri Hamm
-          Acquisition of a set of fans from the Michel Maignan collection on July 3 and 4, 2019 icon Communiqué de presse Michel Maignan
-          Acquisitions of fans on June 5, 2020 icon  CP Éventails Couteau-Bégarie
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