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Exposure Dominos - Creative Drifts
13.12.2012 - 17.06.2013
Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie - Méru


The mother of pearl museum has bought in 2010 an exceptional game of dominoes imagined by the shop “Talents des Ateliers d’Art de France”. 28 artists, members of d’Ateliers d’Art de France have each created in their favourite material, an original domino.
These 28 pieces are presented in a case, which is itself the remarkable work of two artists.
From this purchase, the mother of pearl museum has asked to these artists to give their own view regarding tablet-making.
Thus, shells, mother of pearls pawns, fans, buttons, dominoes, knife-rests, belt buckles, broach, jewels, fine tableware… have been the inspiration source of the designers. The artist of Les Ateliers d’Art de France have isolated the object of what it used to describe or remind and allow us today to feel it for itself. Precious objects ensued from the mother of pearl collections were starting points that have sometimes encouraged the artists to enter into a complete opposite way. They have appeared as a ground to develop ideas and make them become fruitful. Each masterpiece presented here, keeps and perpetuates the material memory of the previous one, like successive generations. Tablet-makers’ gestures tie forms between them in a generational continuity that allows to make coexist several stages of the cultural and artistic heritage of our territory. This scientific approach gives hence all its dimension to the project : « Creative drifting » and allows to look in a new light at the museum’s collections and the objects made by the art crafters. Organized around the four gestures of the tablet-maker, from the choice of the materials to engraving or from drilling, assemblage to cutting, this exhibition allows to conceive tablet-making as an activity still evolving. You will then be able to appreciate which material contemporary artists have appropriated, the gestures’ style of tablet-makers, the strength of their move, the trust or the lightness of their momentum to test them, spread them out or divert them with a singular manner but always in a permanent dialogue with tradition.
Therefore, tablet-making becomes not only a local industrial heritage to perverse but also to identify as a vector of contemporary artistic creation…
The exhibition marks the first collaboration between the mother of pearl museum and the Ateliers d’Art de France.
First professional group of the art occupations, Ateliers d’Art de France federate a community of 5400 professionals, crafters, artists and art manufactures in France. Their missions : representing the art occupational sector, guide professionals and pushing for the excellence know-how in France and abroad.
The museum as the guardian of a local know-how, shares its commitments. It is consequently very logical that it has wished to take les Ateliers d’Art de France on as a partner in order to create a exhibition promoting local craft. This partnership whose vocation is to last in the time, has two main objectives: increase the standing of the museum’s collections and support contemporary artistic creation.
Tablet-making of yesterday and nowadays, it is your turn to make up your own mind.
The pedagogical service has produced, within the framework of this exhibition, two notebooks dedicated to children and secondary school pupils. 
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