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Today, we give you all the steps to make a 100% personalized domino game!

To create your dominoes, you need:

- Cardboard (packaging or that of a shoebox) or thick white paper
-A ruler
-A pencil and eraser
-Scissors (if an adult is helping you with the cutting, he can use a cutter)
-To decorate your dominoes, you can use stickers, stamps, colored papers, markers or paint… whatever you have in hand!

Start by drawing with your pencil, 28 rectangles 8cm long and 4cm wide. On each rectangle, draw a center line that separates the rectangle into two 4 cm long squares.

Once this step is done, you can move on to cutting your rectangles!

For the decor, almost anything is possible! Both sides of the domino can be painted or colored.

For the patterns, you can make the stitches with a black felt-tip pen, write the numbers, use stickers or stamps but be careful to have 6 different ones!

Rules :
This game is played by 2 to 4 players
Each player receives 7 dominoes or 6 dominoes depending on the number of participants in the game (7 dominoes with 2 players, 6 dominoes with 3 or 4 players). Be careful, the dominoes must be distributed hidden points. The rest of the dominoes serve as a deck. The player with the highest double (double 6) begins the domino game. If no one has this domino, it will be the player with the highest double. The next player must in turn place a domino with the same number of points on at least one side of the previously placed domino. Example: if the domino placed has 3 and 2 points, the next player must necessarily place a domino with a side 2 or 3. If the player has a corresponding domino, he places it after the domino. Otherwise, he draws a domino and passes his turn. As the game progresses, the dominoes form a chain. To win at domino, you just need to be the first player to put down all of your dominoes. The game may be blocked. Then the player with the fewest points is declared the winner.