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Easter decorations

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For the Easter holidays, the Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie gives you all the steps to create a personalized and original decoration! To create this decoration, you need: - one or more boxes of eggs - a large cardboard box (cereal box, frozen pizza packaging ...) - a piece of cardboard thicker and larger than the box mentioned above (optional)
- paint
- paintbrushes
- scissors
- liquid or gel glue
- clothing buttons
- ribbon
- compasses or a bowl or a saucer
- a big candle To make the board, roughly cut as many cavities as possible in the egg carton (s) then refine the cut.
Paint the inside and outside of the cavities. Glue the buttons at the bottom of the cavities to make flower hearts.
Cut out the cardboard box to keep only a nice, large rectangle. Paint the cardboard rectangle using two colors and spreading the paint vertically if you want to achieve the effect shown in the photo.
Trace the stems of a bouquet in the center of the board and the tufts of grass at its base using a dark green. Let dry and flatten under weight if the cardboard is curled.
Glue the flowers in a bouquet then glue a ribbon tied on the stems. Optional: Cut the thicker cardboard so that it is slightly larger than the painting. Paint the borders in the color of your choice and glue the board to the background.
To create the candle holder, make the flowers as indicated above in steps 1 to 6. Cut a disc in the cardboard box using compasses or a bowl for example. Paint the cardboard disc and trace the tufts of grass around the edge. Install a candle in the center of the disk once dry, glue the flowers around the candle and tie a ribbon at the bottom of the candle.