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Fans hold a special place in the collections of the Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, just like in a bouquet of flowers!

For the first model, you will need:

- 2 sheets of A4 paper
- Markers or colored pencils
- a pencil
- a ruler
- scissors
- glue
- tape
- a Ballpoint pens
- a Clothespin

Take the first sheet and place it horizontally to decorate it entirely. Cut a piece of the other sheet to make a 2-inch wide strip and decorate it. Turn the large sheet over and mark with a pencil every centimeter, then connect the dots by drawing lines with a pen. Fold the sheet like an accordion following the lines.

For the handle, start by determining the size of your fan sheet by holding the base of the sheet between your fingers. Make several turns of tape around the folds, tightening well. Using the paper strip, hide the taped folds. If it seems too long, cut it vertically. Glue it (behind the decor) and wrap the taped folds to cover them completely. If you have a clothespin, pinch the handle for a good grip of the glue. You can finalize the base of the handle by cutting some fringes with scissors.
Congratulations, you can be proud of yourself! Do you want to continue? If so, then you are embarking on a real collection!

Here is an original model, the cockade fan which, when folded, takes up little space.

To make a small pocket model, you need:
-1 sheet of paper (21cm x 21cm)
- a pencil
- a ruler
- glue
- 2 wooden sticks (ice cream ones)
- 1 rubber band or piece of string

Cut your sheet of paper to get a square of 21 cm x 21 cm. Cut it in half, you get two strips of 10.5 cm x 21 cm each. Fold them like an accordion (1 fold = 1 cm, you can mark them on the back to help you). Fold each accordion in half. You have two pleated butterflies. Turn each butterfly into a small fan sheet, to do this add glue in the middle and pinch with your fingers to adhere. Do the same with the second butterfly. Assemble them on one side with glue, making sure to line up the edges. Once the cockade is finished, you will be able to glue the sticks, being careful to leave a small gap at the level of the two folds in the center of the cockade. Glue a wooden stick to each end of the rosette and hold everything between your fingers by pressing on each side. Finally, put a rubber band around it and make sure everything is well-adjusted. Your cockade fan is ready to be deployed!

Now that you have familiarized yourself with different techniques, you are free to make other fans to build up a nice collection. Here are a few different and varied examples that you can make depending on what you find at home as recycled materials: colored papers, printed packaging, gift wrap, ribbons, wool, cardboard plates, straws, wooden picks.


Your turn!