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Octopus plushie

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It's time to recycle your orphan socks! This week, we offer you a very simple little tutorial to create a fluffy plushie.

You need :
- a sock
- fluff or rags
- a ribbon or a woolen thread or a cord
- at least two buttons (or four superimposed two by two)
- a good pair of scissors
- thread and a needle
- a marker or a paint marker

Fill the end of the sock with fluff or, failing that, with rags (a second sock can also do the trick). Tie a ribbon below the head thus formed.

Mark the location of the eyes and sew the buttons on.

Cut the bottom of the sock in half, then each half in half and again in half to make eight sprawling bangs. Draw a mouth if you wish.

Please note that this plush should not be given to a child under 36 months but can be cuddled by all children, even the older ones.