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In line with the measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie are closed until further notice
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The Museum

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Housed in a former 19th-century factory, the Méru (Oise) Mother-of-pearl and tablet-making (in French: Tabletterie) Museum strives to conserve and showcase a once-flourishing local craft on the verge of disappearing. The trades of button maker and tablet  
maker, bearers of a centuries-old tradition of working with mother-of-pearl and semi-precious materials (horn, tortoiseshell, ivory, bone, exotic woods, etc.) will be exposed to you by our demonstrator guides. Step by step, you will discover with them the manufacture of a mother-of-pearl button in a button-making workshop faithfully reconstructed and activated by a steam engine. You can admire, in the exhibition rooms, superb collector's items such as: fans and tableware (cutlery, binoculars, cult objects, dominoes, etc.) set up in playful discovery furniture. Industrial diorama, slideshow will
cleverly complete your visit.