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From the start, the Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie was thought of as a living museum in the sense that it replaced the last tablet-makers still in activity. Indeed, it was not simply a question of preserving the testimonies of the past but of guaranteeing the transmission of many savoir-faire which risked being lost. This mission is now carried out by the museum workshops which maintain the skills and knowledge of working with raw materials. The production of typical objects, such as dominoes, guarantees a continuity with the past, while the creation of new objects brings old gestures into the contemporary world. The workshops' precious and unique savoir-faire in Europe are particularly sought after in the context of restorations of old works.
This consulting and restoration service is also intended for individuals wishing to be guided in their desire to repair, embellish or have a very particular piece manufactured. For any information or request, contact the workshop on +34 3 44 22 19 22 or at