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Le musée et la boutique sont ouverts tous les jours, sauf mardi, de 14h30 à 18h30. Visites guidées à 15h et 16h15.

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TAUSS, spirit and matter
TAUSS, spirit and matter
22.06.2018 - 06.01.2019
Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie - Méru


The Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie is presenting for the first time a sculpture exhibition with the artist Sophie-Mathilde Tauss. Through more than 50 creations, from the smallest to the most monumental, enter a work where matter is intimately linked to spirit. The route of the exhibition follows the themes that are at the heart of the artist's inspiration: “plants”, “growths”, “doors”, “dialogues”, “messengers”, “sacred”: so many keys for understand the dreamlike and poetic universe of Sophie-Mathilde Tauss.

Oeuvres de Sophie Mathilde TaussSensitive matter
Mud, wood, marble, mother-of-pearl, glass, gold, bronze: a wide variety of materials are used in the artist's sculptures. An entire section is dedicated to the subject, and will allow you to touch the works. Through the choice of material and the subtle work of colors, the artist manages to bring to the surface the interiority of her characters.

Playing with mother of pearl
The artist has seized the mother-of-pearl by working pieces found in fields, gardens and paths of the region. She is committed to giving them a new life in her creations. What if waste could be reinvented? Sophie-Mathilde Tauss invites us to reverse our perspectives.

The artist:
Sophie-Mathilde Tauss has been practicing sculpture for more than thirty years in Vexin. She divides her time between practicing her profession as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, teaching yoga and sculpting.
To find out more about her work, visit her website:
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